Wednesday, March 29, 2017

ME:Andromeda on PC & DS4

My awesome second half pre ordered ME:A for me for PC. I've been waiting for this release since they first announced it. Can't get enough ME.

One thing I discovered is that I am absolute garbage at mouse/keyboard gaming. Could barely make it through a fight on normal difficulty. Naturally I went on the hunt for a way to connect my Playstation DS4 to my pc. For some reason, I assumed technology had advanced to the point of plug n play but apparently not.

I ran into quite a few issues with setting up ME:A and the DS4, which consumed a frustrating few hours. Here's how I ended up making it work:

My PC specs:
(Will post later)

So after the grueling 12 hour download, Origin kept giving me an error and I couldn't run the game. The play button was grayed out and I kept getting a message saying the game was not released yet.

Solution: ran the .exe directly from the program file folder Origin Games.

I also set up my DS4 with InputMapper. IM is a free download that essentially tricks your computer into thinking your DS4 is an XBOX controller. It works out pretty well, although you have to let the program boot up before plugging in your controller, and leave it running while you game.

About 20 hours in and I'm really enjoying the game and being able to finally take advantage of my gaming laptop.