Saturday, December 24, 2016

Doll Chateau Grace Arrival

Back in September, I got my Doll Chateau Grace in but never took the time to do a good review. She is my first DC doll and I also go her in their brand new green skin.

She is the elf version on the new centaur body (K-body-16). I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of the head sculpt, but I do like it better than most of the DC girls.

I ordered her in May 2016 through Mint on Card and paid in full. I knew DC’s wait time was around 6-8 months so I settled in for the wait. During the initial release, a free Ada doll was given as a gift for all Grace orders. I was pleasantly surprised that it was Ada with both the four-legged body as well as the tummy piece to make her a two-legged doll.

Grace arrived to me days before my birthday very well packed. All DC dolls come with “sleeping bags” which are basically thick, padded drawstring bags, inside of a box. Ada had her own tiny little bag which was a gorgeous purple, and Grace had a very large bag that’s a nice orange. Because of the shape of Grace’s elf body, it doesn’t fit as well in the bag as a normal body, but it actually sits pretty snug with some creative bending.

I would also like to note that DC packed the box with no wiggle room so all contents were very secure during shipping. And they used pink, heart shaped bubble wrap! I am on a hunt for that bubble wrap now. I just loved it.

The first thing I noticed about Grace was that she’s gigantic. I’ve never had a doll taller than 42cm so she was massive at 52cm and four legs. When I stood her up on all fours, she was almost as tall as my dog.

Her back legs were really kicky right out of the box. I also noticed that as I manipulated her into different poses, these clear white rubber nubs were falling out of her. Not sure if this is a normal DC thing, but it seems they drilled several recesses in each leg joint for these rubber nubs to sit and provide friction for the joint. Unfortunately, the nubs are loose and just set in there, so it didn’t take much to knock them out.

Even after hot glue sueding, I find the legs were difficult to post. Theres not enough surface contact in the hip joint area for the sueding to grip when you try to manipulate anything another than standing straight. I also have hot glued her knees or the extra ankle pieces yet, so she still poses like a newborn fawn. Those legs just want to buckle and bend. I'm thinking she's going to need wiring. I've ordered some kips and will hopefully be able to hot glue the rest of her joints soon.

My favorite thing about her is her hands. I’ve always had a soft spot for the hands with single jointed fingers. I’ve always found the fully jointed hands, where it can bend at each knuckle, to be really ugly. Some DC kids have hands that only bend at the knuckle closest to the hand and I find it so aesthetic and fun. It was quite a bonus that she came with these.

The body is very sturdy, despite how tall and thin it is. I find the human version to be so beautiful, I almost wish I had gotten her human form. The green resin is a beautiful, bold medium mint color. It’s not super pale but it’s not a dark green. I did not see any marbling or resin issues.

As of now, I still don’t have any specific plans for her. I’ve been playing around with concepts for her character but I’m just waiting for my favorite faceup artists to reopen commissions and some free time to start sewing her clothes.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some progress here soon!