Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Resin Smell: Fairyland Fantasy Art Line Rus FS

Today my Fairyland Rus arrived after a pretty short wait. I ordered Rus through DDE on June 18 so it only took 2 months from my order being placed to delivery at my door. I was really hesitant to order another FL doll after my experience with Liria but I can say that Rus has definitely renewed my love for the company.

The box is a new size so they didn’t repurpose a Minifee box or anything. I know some people were getting Realfees that were loosely packed in Littlefee boxes or crammed into Pukifee boxes. However, the Fantasy Art Line Rus did not have any foam cutouts so it was just packed in tight with lots of bubble wrap.

I ordered the Fullset Rus in violet resin and got the RLF Sira event faceplate. It’s actually pretty cute, but I’m not sure I’ll be using it since I don’t really like the RLF size that much.

Rus has some serious weight but poses like a boss. It was really hard to pose at first, because I couldn’t tell where there were clicking parts and if I was bending so hard it was about to break something. I had to rewatch the Youtube video CP released that showed how far the joints can bend.

Rus is strung very well and doesn’t need sueding, although I can imagine that sueding would make it a perfect poser. I was able to get the handstand and one leg stand right out of the box. That's the famous Fairyland posing that I love.

I was very happy with the quality of the resin. Rus is violet and there was no marbling ot discoloration. I was say the violet is a very pale violet, almost like an off white. Hopefully blushing will bring out the colors. Also, I didn't find any scratches or bubbles in the resin. I only saw a few seamlines on the entire doll and it's pretty inconspicuous. The parts are easy to interchange and the magnets are strong.  Zero complaints. And he’s a perfect size to be a pet for the Minifees.

I only wish I had ordered another in Agra tan. >_< Maybe I’ll try to get one second hand off the market in the near future. Current faceup plans include some experimental pigments that I’m hoping to use for an iridescent finish. Some galaxy themed since I still haven’t gotten over that kick. Heh.

Can’t wait to sit down and get started with it! Oh man my wallet is going to hurt when they release another Fantasy Art doll. Now all that’s left to come home is my Doll Chateau Grace and Ada. They should be rolling in around Christmas.