Saturday, February 27, 2016

February Mail Haul

I recently started selling a few of my dolls in order to reduce my collection and put the money towards new supplies and actually finishing up the dolls left in my collection. Links for all the shops and artists will be at the bottom!

First up, I finally got some nice furniture for ¼ size. I’ve been eyeing the couch and A-frame shelf from Dream Studio Dollhouse, run by two girls in Russia. The furniture they make is laser cut wood that is pieced together and glued, making it fairly inexpensive compared to carved pieced. Everything arrived well packed and assembled. They also sent me one of their shelf boxes as a gift and it's so cute!

From ordering to delivery, it took less than a month. The shipping can get pricey if you buy a lot of bulky items, but it is tracked from their studio all the way to your door, anywhere in the world. The proportions are perfect for my minifees. Picture time!


 Next Up, clothes from my Lillycat Cerisedolls. I’ve had these two girls for a very long time and only had a few pieces of ill-fitted clothing for them to wear. I recently buckled down and commissioned Venecja for two of her amazing outfits that should be arriving sometime next week. I also had the pleasure of trading two pairs of shoes for two sets of lingerie from ViolaBJD. I gave her measurements for my Cerisedolls and received two beautiful, matching sets of lingerie. Unfortunately one of my Cerisedolls is in pieces while I blush her, so you only get to see one ^_^

Lastly I bought some supplies from Sun & Moon Crafts to make glass pendants. A few years ago I bought their mini dogtags and epoxy drops. I wasn’t too impressed with them, because the epoxy drops tended to curl up and not stick to the images very well. However, I’ve always wanted to play with their glass pieces so I bought a few sets of the different shapes, some bails, chain, and glaze. I only bought enough bails and chain to make 20 necklaces, even though I bought 50 glass pieces. I don’t anticipate selling more than 20 necklaces at my only convention this year so it’s no big deal.

The package was sent in a bubble mailer. Each glass piece was individually wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrapped in sets of 10. When I opened the oval pieces, I was pretty disappointed to see small cracks all around the edge of each glass piece. I contacted Gina and she responded quickly and sent me replacements, all of which were perfect. I am very happy with the service and product.

So I used one of the cracked oval pieces to test out their Sun & Moon brand glaze. I used a clipping from a magazine and followed the instructions from their blog. The glaze dried clear with no bubbles, as promised. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but I’ll have more to show once I start putting my artwork into the pendants. I plan on doing a few with my art and a few with handpainted galaxies. I just love the way the glass domes the images. 

I'll have more when I finish my next piece or my Venecja outfits arrive, whichever happens first! 


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Drawing Cloudscapes

So I've got Anime St. Louis this May, and it's going to be my only convention this year maybe with the exception of the St. Louis BJD Con. While I've been hoping to have some of the BJD stuff in stock for the show, I realize that ASTL isn't exactly a hub of doll activity. I've turned back to a little bit of jewelry and a lot of bit of drawing.

Jewelry-wise, I don't plan on stockpiling a ton of polymer clay work anymore. I'll have some because it's fun, but I think I'll be shooting for more unique items rather than a ton of the "regulars". I'll also be incorporating a small amount of glass work and other jewelry items, just to mix it up. Some of it will be appearing on my Etsy, which has been reopened for the time being.

So on to the fun stuff!

Did I ever mention that I've always wanted to draw landscapes? Specifically fantasy landscapes that people want as concept art for their video games and as desktop wallpaper. I know, high aspirations, but it's what I like. For whatever reason, all my attempts at drawing anything landscapey or backgroundy, it turns out like this:

Mountains. Yeah...
A starry sky and clouds. Meh.
My point is that it all looks really cartoony, but a simple, unrefined cartoony because I clearly did not understand the concepts of distance, shape, and composition of a background. Yikes.

I figured that as my work is moving more towards personal enjoyment rather than sales, I should take the time to really study how to draw landscapes. Watched a few YouTube videos, experimented for fifty hours with different gadgets and brushes in Photoshop and I think I've started to figure it out.

I, like every other person who has internet, am in love with galaxy anything. I want the sky to be the focus so any other subjects I add will be very small and very subtle. This technique and the outcome are so gorgeous, I think there will be more of these scapes in the future. Excited to show these off this spring!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Minifee Shoes & Little Notebooks

I realize this art blog is turning more into a doll blog, but that seems to be the direction of my work currently. Well since my first attempt a little bit back, I've practiced a little bit more with shoes. I've made some decent patterns to use and figured out some of the little techniques to make the shoes look more realistic. Right now, I have patterns and feet for 4.5cm, 5cm, 5.5cm feet. I need to get some 6cm and the different SD sizes.

I've made a few variations of flats, sandals, and felt boots. My next project will be tackling leather boots and hopefully get the chance to do some tooled leather cowboy boots.

These were my second pair of flats and they turned out with a better shape. I had to re-round the toe of the sole so it wouldn't look so pointy. The opening for the foot turned out smaller than I wanted, but I fixed that on the pattern afterwards. The flowers were just glued on to make it pretty. :)

This is the result of my new pattern. I got my hands on some dyed suede and two pounds of fabric scraps to add some color to these shoes. Topped them off with Swarovski crystal rhinestones. I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out and I think I'll be sticking with this pattern. These are 5.5cm and fit Minifee active female feet, Withdoll MSD girls, and Lillycat Cerisedolls MSD classic v2 for sure. 

And sandals! I have a few girls with pedicures and I'd hate to cover those up! These are fun to make and I plan on doing a few more styles in brighter colors. Maybe wedges.

Lastly, I had made a bunch of notebooks for a meet I had planned on attending this weekend, but it didn't end up working out. Now I've got a ton of little notebooks and more supplies for them on the way. :P Oops. Also, I've got a mini magazine designed that going to replace my old business cards (at least for doll things) so I made some magazine holders for them. The ones in the photo are actually magazines given to me by another artist and I absolutely loved it.