Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jointed Collection - Illustrations pt. 2

I wanted to do something outside of just drawing doll after doll. I decided to touch other aspects of the hobby like doing faceups!

I really admire the faceups artists out there. It's something that I've tried my hand at and just can't get a feel for. Weird right? I contour and paint 2D faces all the time but 3D throws me for a loop. However, this piece is best of both worlds! Also note, I'm left handed so I drew the "artist" holding the brush in their left hand as well :P

This one was a quickie. I was much more focused on the doll head than the hands or general composition of the picture.

Be ready for the next installation in this collection! The planned drawings will be "me and my doll" and "tiny angels".

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