Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Paper Dolls Revamp WIP

When I was little, I used to have a paper doll set that I absolutely loved. I remember how delicate all the thin paper pieces were. I decided I wanted to create a set and started doodling last year.

My original plan was to print everything on thin sheet magnets to avoid needing flaps to fold over (ugly!) but the magnets wouldn't align right when stacking clothing. I abandoned the project for a long time. A few weeks ago, I started getting the itch to do more with it and cracked open that .psd to see where I left off.

Originally there was only one doll but now there are 4, each with 3 variations in underoo color. There are light skinned and dark skinned boys and girls. Both the boy and girl doll have the same silhouette because I wanted all the clothes to be interchangeable. If a boy do wants a skirt or a girl doll wants swim trunks, I want there to be no restrictions. It also lessens the "same" things I have to draw which means more outfits!

I'm going to give away a few packs just for fun once I get everything ready.

How to buy:

The dolls will be available at Anime St. Louis and later on Etsy. They will be printed but not cut or as digital download.

You will have your choice of doll, which will come with one of two 21-piece starter packs. I made a girl pack and boy pack but the dolls will not be paired with a specific one so you can customize to your tastes.

Individual outfits will also be available for a lesser price as add on items. These will include casual clothing not found in the starter packs, themed items like Lolita and goth, and other outfits such as uniforms, yukatas, and cosplay.

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