Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Drawing Cloudscapes

So I've got Anime St. Louis this May, and it's going to be my only convention this year maybe with the exception of the St. Louis BJD Con. While I've been hoping to have some of the BJD stuff in stock for the show, I realize that ASTL isn't exactly a hub of doll activity. I've turned back to a little bit of jewelry and a lot of bit of drawing.

Jewelry-wise, I don't plan on stockpiling a ton of polymer clay work anymore. I'll have some because it's fun, but I think I'll be shooting for more unique items rather than a ton of the "regulars". I'll also be incorporating a small amount of glass work and other jewelry items, just to mix it up. Some of it will be appearing on my Etsy, which has been reopened for the time being.

So on to the fun stuff!

Did I ever mention that I've always wanted to draw landscapes? Specifically fantasy landscapes that people want as concept art for their video games and as desktop wallpaper. I know, high aspirations, but it's what I like. For whatever reason, all my attempts at drawing anything landscapey or backgroundy, it turns out like this:

Mountains. Yeah...
A starry sky and clouds. Meh.
My point is that it all looks really cartoony, but a simple, unrefined cartoony because I clearly did not understand the concepts of distance, shape, and composition of a background. Yikes.

I figured that as my work is moving more towards personal enjoyment rather than sales, I should take the time to really study how to draw landscapes. Watched a few YouTube videos, experimented for fifty hours with different gadgets and brushes in Photoshop and I think I've started to figure it out.

I, like every other person who has internet, am in love with galaxy anything. I want the sky to be the focus so any other subjects I add will be very small and very subtle. This technique and the outcome are so gorgeous, I think there will be more of these scapes in the future. Excited to show these off this spring!

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