Sunday, January 10, 2016

Miniature Chocolates

That miniature kick still hasn't passed, although it's coming to a wane as I need to refocus on drawing again. Anyway, spent a little time this past week making Ferrero Rochet and assorted chocolate, complete with gift boxes.

These little guys are made from polymer clay and glossed with two layers of Liquitex varnish. No two are alike!

 The box was made from cardstock and the lid and base actually fit together very well. I painted the trim with a gold marker since I didn't have any light ribbon or lace.

 TADA! Making the dividers in the middle was actually pretty easy. The tedious part was making those tiny white wrapper cups. Lots of tiny folding and creasing. I glued the paper wrappers down into the box, but not the chocolates so I can make as many assorted chocolate box combinations as I want.

This is just a sample of the different chocolates up close. Not bad proportions with the Minifee hands.

The Ferrero Rochet chocolates have been a backburner idea for a loooong time and involved me buying the actual chocolates in order to use the foil and stickers. Yum.

 I don't have tissue paper at home, so I stuffed the box with little cut Kleenex. Heh. I make do.

 I was really excited with how these chocolates turned out. I realize I'm a month early for Valentine's Day but now my girls will have a ton of sweets.

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