Friday, May 1, 2015

Karapisdiza Review: Bjd Clothing

Hey guys, once in a while I try to put up some doll related things just for kicks. Last week I got a huge shipment from Etsy seller Karapisdiza from Germany. I've been eyeballing some of her dresses pretty hardcore for a while and finally got my hands on some.

Karapisdiza sells mostly casual chic clothing in soft pastel and neutral colors. The downside is that she only sews for slim mini sizes, specifically Minifee. There are a ton of Minifee sewers of Etsy, but she is definitely one of the best.

The entire haul. Plus gummy candy from Germany!

Shipping & Packaging:

Shipping from Germany to the US was a lot faster than I expected. Deutchpost (DHL International) has sometimes taken two months for me to receive a package. However, she shipped out within a week and it was at my doorstep within two weeks of purchase. I'm happy to say that I didn't wait long at all.

Each article of clothing was individually ziplocked and everything inside one large ziploc in an envelope. It all arrived safe and sound.

Skill & Quality:

 Karapisdiza did an amazing job on each item. The hems are double folded, the stitching is straight, and there are no loose threads or bulky areas. Each items is perfect symmetrical and uniform. These are the most professionally sewn doll clothes I have ever gotten to play with.

I'm totally in love with the lace on the collars. The stitches on the top are so tiny they don't interfere with the design of the lace. I'd also like to point out that he "string" on the tanks and hanging from the flower on the purple dress isn't cheap string or ribbon. It's a crocheted string that is soft and very pretty.

The dresses all have lining, which makes them sturdier at the bust instead of baggy or crinkly. The backs of the dresses are neatly sewn with snaps, as well as the long sleeve shirts. One thing I wasn't expecting is that the leggings are made of different materials. For some reason I assumed they would all be jersey, but the black ones are actually spandex and the brown ones are made of a less stretchy knit. There is elastic in the waist to make up for the lack of stretch, and it fits just fine.

Fit on dolls: 
As my models, I have (left to right)
Fairyland Minifee Woosoo - Moe line body, full bust
Lillycat Cerisedolls Ombre - Classic MSD body v1
Fairyland Minifee Miyu - Active line body, small bust
Fairyland Minifee Woosoo - Active line body, large bust


The pink dress is my hands down favorite because of the sweetheart neckline. It has three snaps in the back but I wouldn't plan on using them. (Above) It is being modeled on an Active line with small bust, and I still couldn't close the top button. I'm going to guess Karapisdiza made her pattern off a cutie bust. This makes sense though, because the cotton fabric can't stretch over unsquishable resin boobs so it's pretty hard to judge which size to make it.

On the bright side, all bust sizes can still wear it without buttoning the top two snaps, you just need a little something to hold the back together if you plan on manipulating the dolls a lot. But like I said before, the tops of these dresses are lined and the stiffness from the inner lining helps it keep its shape. My Moe line full bust can wear the dress (top two snaps are not closed) and it still tucks around the waist and doesn't look like it's falling down.

Moe line full bust.

The purple and brown dress are the same pattern and shape so I'll just be referring to the "brown" dress for both. The brown dress is much more forgiving and can accomodate all the bust sizes pretty comfortably. There's no "loose" room on the small bust; although the ginormous full bust shows a ton of cleavage, it still fits in there.

These dresses also look pretty good on my Cerisedolls Ombre, although I had to pin up the back. There's a lot of extra fabric since Ombre is so slim, but one pin did the trick with no distortion or bulges. I will say the neckline is dangerously low on the standard body and can result in a boob popping out if you pull on the front of the dress.

[Forgot to get pictures. I'll need to do that.]


These leggings are tight. It takes a little work to wiggle them up the legs, especially over the hips. Karapisdize makes both A-line and M-line specific leggings, although the only difference is length. I bought only A-line and aside from bunching up on the shorter Moe line legs, I had no problem pulling them on.

The tough part is pulling the leg holes over the heels of the A line feet. They're sewn with very little give. However they are stitched so well that they can take quite a bit of abuse when you're trying to pull them on so I'm not worried about the seams coming apart or tearing.


The tanks are very basic. They stretch over the head or up the hips and you can tie them off with the crocheted string like a halter top behind the neck. From above, you can see that some cleavage is visible on the full bust but it's not cartoonish. Miyu in the middle also looks really nice in it.

The long sleeve shirts are tricky if you're trying to put them on a slim mini that doesn't have removeable hands. The sleeves are too narrow for hands and fingers to get through. Each long sleeve has a snap behind the neck so you can pull it over the head or up the hips. In my first photo, there's a navy shirt with white polka dots and lace collar. It does not stretch at all, unlike the striped one. While it fits all busts, there's definitely zero room for a larger body type.


Karapisdize sends small gifts with each order. A few of the items were gifts, including some doll bracelets and a pile of German gummy candies (which I devoured upon opening the package).

I will definitely be buying more from her. The clothes are cute and high quality. Highly recommended.