Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Once Upon a Retail Dreary

So my Christmas orders are finally pouring in, a little later than last year. And ladies, I'm seeing a lot of Michaels and Tylers and Erics on those orders ;)

Quick promotional stuff before the fun!
Christmas delivery for domestic orders ends Dec. 12th. 
That's right around the corner! I've still got lots of cool stuff in stock, plus the 3 for 1 print deal is still up! Go to my Etsy to get your shopping done! (But you should totally read this story first.)


Onward! So this magical time last year, I was a lowly calendar stand worker at the mall. Let me start by saying this: I had NO IDEA that people actually bought calendars. I never understood how those stands managed to pop up year after year. I sold so many calenders in one season I was promoted to manager, plus I got pretty buff from lifting all those boxes.

So most people pay with card. I ask for their ID. Simple right? After months of asking for ID, it became a verbal reflex as soon as I saw plastic. Most people thanked me for checking, the rest didn't seem to care.

The fun part. This pimped out looking, older black gentleman came to buy a single calender. He hands me his credit card and shabam, "May I see your ID please?" Before I can comprehend what's happening, he screams, "Do you know who I am?!"

Now I'm looking at him real hard. Rolex watch, long fur coat, fedora, sunglasses (indoors), gator skin shoes, shiny gold jewelry. So I repeat myself, telling hi it's just store policy.

Oh man he throws the biggest fit I have ever seen a sober grown man throw. He's yelling about how offended he is that I wanted to check his ID, how I clearly don't know who he is. This goes on for about ten minutes. Fortunately, there was no one else waiting to check out, although other mall employees were starting to gather.

Fun fact: I was completely unmoved. I didn't feel awkward or guilty, or even embarrassed that a customer was going berserk. My only thoughts were:

1. It's one generic calender. He can get it anywhere. Even Walmart.
2. I bet his credit card is stolen.

In fact, by the end of those ten minutes, I was completely convinced his card was stolen and he was trying to make me uncomfortable enough to just swipe his card and go. Well my lovely friends at security appear and he calms down instantly, hands over his ID, and leaves with his calender. Credit card was legit. That big fit, for one calender.

It wasn't until I told my mom that story that I realized he was probably throwing a fit because he thought I was ID'ing him because he black. Cuz you know, I'm so racist. WHAT.

This is a fond memory of mine from my holiday retail days, although I'm not sure why. I just wanted to share with you since you guys are all doing your Christmas shopping :) Ok, I'll tell you another story next time!

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