Friday, November 28, 2014

Current Events: Ferguson "Protestors" Get Run Over

So this whole Ferguson thing is a topic I wanted to avoid since it's sparked so much heat on every side. Those closest to me know how I stand and I'm not going to touch the actual issue. I am going to share this video, which I found kind of hilarious.

So there comes a point when your "protestors" become "rioters" and are endangering others, causing hazards, and just being a pain in the ass for the rest of the world. I'm not saying protesting is bad. I'm saying when you have two thousand people standing on an interstate where cars would normally be driving 70mph and need to slam on their breaks is bad, or when rioters burn down a couple dozen buildings and ambulance crews can't help anyone caught in the chaos is bad. Seriously, you guys, there's a line.

So in Minneapolis, a car attempts to roll through one of the crowds blocking a roadway. And by the looks of it, a major roadway.

So the car rolls through and pisses off the whole crowd, who surround the vehicle and begin hitting it, jumping on it, kicking it. You can see the windshield start cracking as the video continues. Maybe the guy was rushing to the hospital to see his dying mom. Maybe his kid is sick at school. Maybe he just needs to poop really badly. In any case, I'm pretty sure he has the right of way.

In the lovely state of Missouri, the driver is justified to use lethal force. Hell if you were in the car, you'd fear for your safety too. What if they disable your vehicle? And drag you out the window, tear your kids from the backseat, and stomp you to death? Or just hurt you, but you're going to be bleeding there for a long time before help can come.

So with all this craziness going on, I've constantly been asking, why don't the cars just drive through? You don't have to slam into the crowd, but your vehicle has the power to roll through and push them out of the way. Wouldn't that be considered a hit and run? Depends on how you play it. It's dangerous to get caught up in a crowd like that.

Well, after taking some abuse, the driver decides FUCK THIS SHIT and hits the gas, taking a few rioters with him. I love this part. Love it so much it hurts. Not because I want to see people get run over (maybe just a little), but because it's about damn time someone did it. You don't get to attack someone in their vehicle and get away with it. God I wish more people had the balls to defend themselves.

So anyway, you can enjoy this video over and over and over. That's what I'm doing.

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