Friday, July 25, 2014

Magnetic Dress Up Dolls WIP

Started a set of magnetic dress up dolls for fun. I've always wanted to do these because I loved the paper dolls I used to have, but paper is just too fragile. So magnets it is!

Here's the first "pack". It will include one 5" (ish) doll and everything you see in the photo below.

It's just supposed to be non-fandom casual stuff, so anyone can enjoy it and not just us Vault hunters, time travelers, and Jedi. I will have dolls of different skin colors (pale, tan, dark) and they will probably come in different colors of underoos too, just for kicks.

The dolls will be available individually so you can get more than one without getting the same standard clothing pack twice.

I also plan on having releases of specialty clothing packs with things like kimonos, maid outfits, scuba gear, and cosplay costumes. You know, things for the nerdier ones to enjoy. I mean, who doesn't want to have a pirate ninja wearing a green polka skirt on their fridge?

A boy doll is in consideration. I'll probably reuse the body and just change the face. And give him tighty whities YEAH. I won't discriminate the boy/girl outfits but he'll come with a boy start pack at first so you don't wind up with dresses and skirts.

Ok, well I'd really appreciate any input on outfits, design, ideas, whatever that you may have. Can't wait to have these ready for a show!

PS: they won't be available for a while. Hopefully by this winter but you never know. I procrastinate >_>

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