Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Giant Dolly Post

I've been slacking off on blogging for a while. Things just got busy and art had to take a backburner. Fortunately, it's all settled down so it's back to random fun stuff for a while! So this isn't art related per se, but I thought I'd share what's got me so excited. DOLLS!

What? Dolls? Dafuq?

Yeah, I love them. Never was too fond of em as a kid, but I'm pretty much obsesssed with Lalaloopsy, Monster High, and ball jointed dolls.
Article summary:
  • Fairyland Minifee Miyu arrived
  • Quick review for Jun Planning Ai dolls
  • AngelFantasy Alice is for sale

Ok, so a long time ago I wrote an article about my first BJD, an AngelFantasy Alice.

She's a 1/4 MSD sized girl that I bought brand spanking new from Mint On Card. Well, she was gorgeous but I was never happy with her body. I wanted her to be my model for my drawings and she was just too immature. As of yesterday, I have officially swapped her out for a Fairyland Miyu, a gorgeous slim MSD with waaaaaay better contours.

My AF Alice was totally there when I tore open the packaging to reveal... TADA! A Fairyland box with something super awesome inside.

Actually I didn't take a picture of the box opening because seriously, who cares? I was so busy pulling out all the bits and foam that the camera was forgotten faster than a kid at the supermarket.

I have been hunting for a Minifee Miyu sculpt for a long time. She's apparently not very popular and I only saw her surface once on the secondhand market. Everyone else wants Celine or Chloe, bleh. One day, a used one appeared on eBay and I wasted zero time snapping her up. I think I bought her within an hour of her listing.

She poses perfectly out of the box, even used. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

Her previous owner also sent a few outfits but it's not my style so I'll be getting rid of most of it, along with my AF Alice.

Here are my two girls wearing the same outfit (I was too lazy to run upstairs and grab something else).

Oh and that's not all.

I got another one. Yes I did.

She's a Jun Planning Ai Lemon doll, from before JP was bought out by Groove. She's a 1/12 doll made of ABS plastic, not resin. There are a ton of these little JP Ai dolls floating around for fairly cheap; she cost me $35. The best part? That price doesn't get you a nude blank like most other bjds, she comes as a full set complete with faceup, eyes, wig, and outfit. 

By the way, I sewed that dress. The outfit she came was with actually pretty complicated and cute.

Her head is a slightly more pinkish shade than her body but it's not really noticeable. They are tricky to pose since they're so tiny but they're very affordable.

I guess the tough part is that she's a 12.5cm doll so she falls right in between the more popular sized tinies. For the curious, she fits Hujoo baby and DIM baby clothes. She is too big for PukiPuki/Lati White, and too small for Pukifee/Lati Yellow. There's talk that she might fit Kelly clothes but it's hit and miss. I said screw it, I'll just sew her stuff myself.

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