Wednesday, May 21, 2014

AngelFantasy Alice vs Minifee Miyu

Company: Angel Fantasy
Sculpt: Alice
Skin color: Normal Pink
Height: 43 cm

Company: Fairyland
Sculpt: Minifee Miyu
Skin Color: Normal
Height: 41 cm

Alice is pretty close to a slim msd, but she's not curvy, she's just a tall stalk. She has a single jointed torso (which is pretty much useless), but double jointed knees and elbows. She poses pretty poorly out of the box but restringing and sueding does wonders.

Her face sculpt is gorgeous, as are most of the AF faces, but the bodies are bleh. Ok they're not bad, they're just pretty typical.

The Minifee Miyu is gorgeous and poses great out of the box. The design of her joints are very aesthetically appealing as well as looking more realistic. She has the A-line body with small bust and cutie legs. I like the more mature, slender figure.

I think I've discovered that I like a particular type of sculpt. Big eyes, little smiles. I dunno, I want my dolls to look sweet and happy, not moody or dark. The NS on Miyu is slightly pinker than Alice's "pink" skin. I don't think Alice has yellowed at all though.

It's actually quite a shame that the skins don't match because I was hoping to keep Alice's head to put on the MNF body.
Oops, I flipped the dolls to opposite sides. Alice is on the left, Miyu's on the right.

When sitting, Miyu's knees come together more gracefully. Also, the AF bodies don't bend very well since they're single jointed, so Alice looks like she's got a super arched back the whole time.

I never noticed this, but Alice's arms are really long...
Hand difference! Seems like a huge difference even though their heights are only off by 2 cm. The joints are very different too. Miyu's smaller joints make for less awkward looking posing.
 Here they are sitting with their legs straight out. Alice's legs look uncomfortably straight and I think she looks really stiff in her posing. Miyu looks more realistic because her limbs are contoured and not straight. The hip joints also make a huge different in this sitting position. I had to fiddle with Alice a bit to keep her butt flat enough not to tip her sideways.
With their hand on their thighs, it's pretty obvious that Alice's arms are waaaay too long. It looks like they're stretching forward but both arms are actually at a downward angle with hand resting on upper thighs.
Sitting back to back shows the arches in the backs and Alice is a teeny bit taller. Now you can see what I meant by the arms.

You know, I really should've photographed the joints and internal mechanics for the comparison, but there's enough information floating around the internet that it should be understandable.

Well, with the acquisition of my first Minifee, I am for sure putting my AF Alice up for sale. I'll have her at upcoming shows for display and adoption. More info on that coming later.

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