Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Horse

Hey guys, here's a late night one for ya. I know, 9 isn't really late night but I've already been awake too long today and it feels like the wee hours of the morning. So today is Chinese New Year; I guess the politically correct term is Lunar New Year. Year of the horse. Well it's not like I did anything for this occasion aside from stuff myself senseless, which I plan to do for the rest of the weekend with my family. Mmm food.

But I'd like to share some talent from DeviantArt, for those who actually spent the time to create a piece for this year.

Year of the Horse by alchemaniac.

Year of the Horse by CitrusFoam

Lunar New Year 4712 by futarinokizuna

Twilight Sparkle New Year Celebration by Sangrde

Lunar New Year 2014 by lainey-nesu

Happy Lunar New Year 2014 by inki-jinx

All right... g'night!

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