Monday, January 6, 2014

Prints before KawaKon

Just got some new work to share. I hopped on the Frozen fanart bandwagon with this piece of Elsa. Personally I prefer her coronation outfit but it seems the masses disagree.

Yeah I tweaked her dress a little. I felt it needed some extra frufru. Eventually she and Anna will be chibified but not anytime soon.

And while attempting to draw another parody containing iconic video game bots, I got the suddent urge to do this.
If anyone had every tried to balance cats and houseplants, you know what's up. Ever wonder why there's so much tension between the girls? Well it all boils down to this one slumber party gone wrong. So cute amiright?

Well, new printy things are in the works to be ready by KawaKon. I've had many requests this past weekend for different fanarts so I think there are at least 3 I can guarantee to be started next week: FFX's Rikku (with a small surprise), MLP Alicorns (omg I can't believe I'm doing a pony piece), and Jessica Rabbit being her sexy self. Not to mention all the jewelry and buttons I'll be restocking. AAAHH!

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