Monday, December 23, 2013

WoW & Ni No Kuni Stuff!

OK so it's been a pretty busy season, can't complain. We've been completely iced in for a few days so there's not much to do aside from playing Final Fantasy and making jewelry. Seriously, if you scrape at the ice outside, you can just barely see the ground underneath. Walking my dog has become a faint glimmer in my memories of warmer days.

So here I've got some new things to share. One is a little hippogryph hatchling from World of Warcraft. Did it for a monthly challenge on my favorite Etsy team: Addicted Gamers.

And Ni No Kuni fans will love this. Oliver's locket and all the pieces of heart, and Mr. Drippy's lanterns! Yeah I had some serious fun making these.

Holy smokes just 2 days til Christmas! Did you get your shopping done yet? I have!  For myself this year I got 2 new banners for conventions. They won't be ready by AnimeZAP, which btw is in 2 weeks, but will be up after that. So excited to have real banners after 5 years!

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