Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Conventions, say whaaaat

Well we have quiiiite the convention rollout for 2014 (and only the first half of 2014 so far!) and I am more excited than a Keebler elf in Walmart's cookie aisle.

So the still-growing list can be found at the bottom of the "About" page up there ^^^

Moving on, so we'll be at a few bigger shows like Naka-Kon and Anime Midwest this year. This is great because they will be the biggest shows I will have been to in... what four years? Five? I don't even know. We'll also be at home shows this year like Anime St. Louis and Kawa Kon.

Information on KawaKon:
Artists and vendors recently got an email about the new location to be hosting their 2014 show. The unfortunate side effect of the venue swap is that the vendors room will be far removed from the convention. You get to travel down a magical hallway and around the fancy corner to find us and shop. That being said, artists and vendors were given the option to withdraw and get their money back. Now I love you guys so freakin much that I'm still attending.


Just kidding. Sorta. I don't mind the trip home even if the show risks tanking. Historically KawaKon isn't an amazing show anyway so it can't possibly be that bad. I get a weekend to crash with my family and visit St. Louis so it's all good. The point is: COME VISIT THE VENDORS ROOM. All those who attend are taking big risks and still paying to have booths and tables. Don't worry, I'll remind you guys when it gets closer to February :D


What, want some art? Ok fine, here's the beautiful Lilith from Borderlands.

 Want some more art? Like my FB page. With my mobile-only internet situation right now, it's a bazillion times easier for me to update FB than this blog. Lame, I know.

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