Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pre-Natsucon Roundup

Well, Natsucon starts tomorrow. I've already had a few announcements on FB regrading what we will have this year but things have been so jumbled it's nutters.

So Natsucon's been a little behind on information and updates about the AA so I still don't know what to expect aside from the hours. For those who are curious:
  • Friday 2pm-8pm
  • Saturday 8am-8pm
  • Sunday 8am-2pm

That's really early for a show. Ugh. Also it seems there's a miscommunication about whether we will be in the hallway or in a room. Different artists have received different answers. We shall see.

Well here comes the news:

Buttons: Unfortunately, there will only be about half as many buttons available as usual because I seem to have run out of parts and forgotten to order more. My bad. On the bright side, over 50 designs have been retired to make way for a whole shaboodle of new ones!

Notebooks: I have a crazy supply of notebooks this time, both the art ones and trading card ones. TCG will now have pokemon, yugioh, and MTG cards.

Bookmarks & Prints: bunch of new stuff. See it all on DeviantArt.

Jewelry: jewelry is about standard. This show, I have a special set of Diglet and Dugtrio that I've only made one of. A koi set will also be available. These sets are limited and will go for $25.

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