Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sea Nettle

We will be attending Natsucon (July), Dodecacon (Aug), and Aoi Uma Con (Sept).

After 3 weeks of not doing any art whatsoever, I sat down tonight and busted out a new drawing in one shot. Note to self, stop doing that. It's killing my shoulders but I can't let the inspiration slip by! But I haven't "proofread" it yet so I'll upload the finalized drawing on DeviantArt tomorrow. Here's a sneak peak for ya:

I woke up one morning last week and thought, "Jellyfish are cool. I should draw jellyfish." The entire piece is loaded with Chrysaora fuscescens (Sea Nettles) with a gorgeous siren/nymph being the attention grabber. I'm getting much better at faces.

Also beginning to transition to no-outline drawings. Pretty proud of that.

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