Monday, June 24, 2013

Mad Moxxi Print Complete

Spent about 12 hours today working on the Mad Moxxie pinup I sketched out yesterday because I'm crazy.
This will be my last new print before Natsucon. I was really wanting to do an original character but just couldn't get the inspiration. So Moxxi it was. Also, no lines!

Also noticed I never put up my Sea Nettle piece completed a few weeks ago. Tada!

Dozens of new art notebooks, bookmarks, and TCG notebooks have also been completed for the next few conventions. The rest of this week is to catch up on orders and take a small break with my sweetheart. Then back to work on jewelry!

Friday, June 21, 2013


Here's finally another piece. Just a quick doodle of Maleficent. It's a portrait head on, which is good an bad. Good because it was quick and easy. Less than 4 hours for this baby, no outlining. Bad because it's much more boring than if I had her standing in a fiery blaze with her dragon counterpart leering in the background. One day...
So a little tip: outlining is too long of a process. If you're in between making the jump to straight painting and lining, just do it. Stop lining your work unless you're working in a lot of detail. I can't believe that I cut out so much work by not outlining her first. I finally understand how some artists finish their commission in a few hours at a show.

Also a little self-promotion. Check out my Deviantart and +Watch me dagnabbit.

Did I mention I'll be at Natsucon in July? Because I am. We're going to have all the new prints, bookmarks, and notebooks there. And the usual of course, jewelry and buttons. Over the next while, I'm thinking about phasing out the buttons and possibly jewelry. We'll have to see.

Commission Status: OPEN for jewelry and drawings.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sea Nettle

We will be attending Natsucon (July), Dodecacon (Aug), and Aoi Uma Con (Sept).

After 3 weeks of not doing any art whatsoever, I sat down tonight and busted out a new drawing in one shot. Note to self, stop doing that. It's killing my shoulders but I can't let the inspiration slip by! But I haven't "proofread" it yet so I'll upload the finalized drawing on DeviantArt tomorrow. Here's a sneak peak for ya:

I woke up one morning last week and thought, "Jellyfish are cool. I should draw jellyfish." The entire piece is loaded with Chrysaora fuscescens (Sea Nettles) with a gorgeous siren/nymph being the attention grabber. I'm getting much better at faces.

Also beginning to transition to no-outline drawings. Pretty proud of that.