Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stupid Headlines

Ok so I'm a total current events junkie. Reading and watching news is almost religious to me and once I went 6 days without reading the news and I felt like the world was coming down on me. Ask my husband.

With the volume of articles I read, I think it's about time I start a Stupid Headlines feature. Seriously, I know that sensationalism sells but sometimes the headlines sound like they were written by a desperate moron. So here's today's Stupid Headline, courtesy of CNN:

So if you blow a .08 BAC, assuming you're old enough to drink anyway, you're over the limit. And I've totally seen the case where a 19 year old blows a .04 and doesn't understand why they're still being hauled off. HA. So there's the debate about whether or not .08 is still too high for the BAC limit. I don't even know why there's an argument because if perfectly sober people can drive and still kill people, then no one really needs alcohol helping. Cynicism aside, victims of drivers that were under a .08 would say that it's still too high. Designated drivers or the simply solution of going dry for a night seems to be underused.

So the feds want the limit dropped to .05. OH MY GOD you know what that means?

Which is really dumb. We all know that changing a number in a book doesn't make you drunk faster. You know what makes you drunk faster? Drinking faster. And not eating with your drink. What the article is doing, is it states that you'll be "over the limit" easier because the limit is lowered. Being drunk has nothing to do with it. But you know, some moron is reading it thinking, "Faster? How much faster can I get drunk? I need to know this secret!"

Best part, this was the featured article on the front page of CNN earlier today.

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