Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Drawings 5/9/13

I just wanted to share some news. Deviantart now features all my 2D art so go there for the most updates. Man this social media thing is hard. Deviantart, FB, Twitter, Blogging, Etsy. Not to mention that I've been totally neglecting Pinterest, Tumblr, and some other ones.

New drawings:
Any Happy Street fans? I don't wanna do too much promoting but this game is what would result if Animal Crossing and a tycoon game had a baby. And it's totally free to play. So here's our girls Dahlia

Misty with a few of the pokemon she's collected over the last, what, decade? I gave her boots though because her shoes were lame and boots are better!

Been wanting to work on a new kodama piece. With all the Ghibli fanart I've been doing, I figured it was about time to vamp up the old picture.

And the finished princesses so far. Of course Anastasia isn't a Disney princes, but I'll probably just make this cartoon heroines. Been requested to do Megara and Princess Anna for the upcoming new Princess from "Frozen". One of these days...

In the works:
Maleficent in black and white
Flametroopers - Star Wars Clone Wars

Recent jewelry commissions:
Yeah that thing is awesome. The Practicable Conference Call from Borderlands. Goes great with Zer0's sword that I completed back in February.

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