Thursday, May 16, 2013

How Ni No Kuni Should End

No, this isn't how the game really ends. I haven't made it that far yet. I'm just messing around.
So I’ve put in about 6 hours into Ni No Kuni. I think I’ve logged enough time to call the ending, or at least how I think it should end. I’ve avoided reading anything except a few reviews about the battle system. Here we go.

Ms. Leila comes in with breakfast and asks Oliver if he’s going to go play outside again today. She smiles sadly as she sets the tray down and heads down the stairs and back to her shop. Oliver looks over at the table where Drippy is sitting, picks up the wand and book, and heads outside. Everyone in Motorville watches with a sad smile as Oliver begins another day.

After the tragic passing of his mother, Oliver felt such devastation that he folded within himself and slowly lost touch with reality. The precious doll his mother gave him became the only piece of her that remained and he clung to it. His heart ached so much that he conjured up an imaginary friend in the doll in the form of a Fairy named Drippy. Drippy offered him a noble quest to save another world and the chance to save his mother, which were all coping mechanisms Oliver created to hide from the harsh reality of his loneliness.

Oliver found a family photo album, filled with the pictures of his mother, and headed out onto the street with his toy. It became his Wizard’s Companion Book. The lady two houses down was sweeping the leaves and twigs off the street when Oliver happened upon one that was perfect as a pretend wand. From that moment on, Oliver became so engrossed  in the fantasy he created that he was unable to differentiate between his imagination and reality anymore.

The fantasy world Oliver created was a parallel existence to reality, but Oliver only experienced brief moments of lucidity enough to see his Motorville home as it was. But when his fantasy overcame his senses, he perceived the Gateway spell has transported him back to the magical world where he can still save his mother. Each real person and creature that existed in Oliver’s real world became the basis for a fantasy version that Oliver used to forward his hallucinations.

The “soul mates’s” problems became an excuse for his adventures, driving him further in denial and psychosis.  When the Ms. Leila’s cat disappeared, Oliver found it hunting mice behind one of the buildings in town, and immediately conjured the fantasy of King Hickory fighting the Meowjesty. Every day events became twisted versions, providing Oliver with fuel to continue his “playing”.

When Oliver would run around and talk to Drippy in front of other people, they couldn’t hear or see Drippy because he was nothing by a figment of a poor boy’s imagination. There never was any magic, only the hallucinations that that Oliver wished to see.

The town of Motorville is too small to have their own psychiatric hospital and without any living relatives, his neighbors, especially Ms. Leila, have taken it upon themselves to take care of him. They watch, day after day, as he dons the red cape and runs around the neighborhood talking to a doll and flipping through that photo album. But they hope one day he will break free from his sadness and be able to face his pain and the loss of his mother.

When you get to the end to and defeat Shadar or the Zodiarchs or whoever is the final bad guy, Oliver gets transported back to Motorville where he wakes up in his room. The doll his mom gave him is sitting by his bedside, just a toy, next to a small wooden stick and a family photo album. He looks over, waiting for Drippy to start moving, but he never does.

Several years have passed since the passing of his mother and Oliver is finally able to begin coming to terms with reality. He has defeated his imaginary demons, the fear of mortality, and knows that he can’t save his mother. Sometimes he still slips back into psychosis, talking to Drippy and reciting the spells he created to try and do something but his episodes are becoming more and more rare as he slowly recovers.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stupid Headlines

Ok so I'm a total current events junkie. Reading and watching news is almost religious to me and once I went 6 days without reading the news and I felt like the world was coming down on me. Ask my husband.

With the volume of articles I read, I think it's about time I start a Stupid Headlines feature. Seriously, I know that sensationalism sells but sometimes the headlines sound like they were written by a desperate moron. So here's today's Stupid Headline, courtesy of CNN:

So if you blow a .08 BAC, assuming you're old enough to drink anyway, you're over the limit. And I've totally seen the case where a 19 year old blows a .04 and doesn't understand why they're still being hauled off. HA. So there's the debate about whether or not .08 is still too high for the BAC limit. I don't even know why there's an argument because if perfectly sober people can drive and still kill people, then no one really needs alcohol helping. Cynicism aside, victims of drivers that were under a .08 would say that it's still too high. Designated drivers or the simply solution of going dry for a night seems to be underused.

So the feds want the limit dropped to .05. OH MY GOD you know what that means?

Which is really dumb. We all know that changing a number in a book doesn't make you drunk faster. You know what makes you drunk faster? Drinking faster. And not eating with your drink. What the article is doing, is it states that you'll be "over the limit" easier because the limit is lowered. Being drunk has nothing to do with it. But you know, some moron is reading it thinking, "Faster? How much faster can I get drunk? I need to know this secret!"

Best part, this was the featured article on the front page of CNN earlier today.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Drawings 5/9/13

I just wanted to share some news. Deviantart now features all my 2D art so go there for the most updates. Man this social media thing is hard. Deviantart, FB, Twitter, Blogging, Etsy. Not to mention that I've been totally neglecting Pinterest, Tumblr, and some other ones.

New drawings:
Any Happy Street fans? I don't wanna do too much promoting but this game is what would result if Animal Crossing and a tycoon game had a baby. And it's totally free to play. So here's our girls Dahlia

Misty with a few of the pokemon she's collected over the last, what, decade? I gave her boots though because her shoes were lame and boots are better!

Been wanting to work on a new kodama piece. With all the Ghibli fanart I've been doing, I figured it was about time to vamp up the old picture.

And the finished princesses so far. Of course Anastasia isn't a Disney princes, but I'll probably just make this cartoon heroines. Been requested to do Megara and Princess Anna for the upcoming new Princess from "Frozen". One of these days...

In the works:
Maleficent in black and white
Flametroopers - Star Wars Clone Wars

Recent jewelry commissions:
Yeah that thing is awesome. The Practicable Conference Call from Borderlands. Goes great with Zer0's sword that I completed back in February.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rebranding by Michelle Cassani

Hey guys, just wanted to open your eyes to a fabulous project done by designer Michelle Cassani, who rebranded Sweet Apple Tea's jewelry. And stuff. Here's her profile on Behance so make sure to check out her projects! She's available for commissions and other projects.

She used Tiny, my little mascot, in a lot of things such as new banners, business cards, and even gift boxes! I plan on using the gift boxes soon as an option for those who want to add a little cute to their purchase.

Check out the rest of this project here!