Monday, April 15, 2013

Deviantart Accusations

This situation has been resolved. I was angry at the time I wrote this but I'll leave it up because it's got some educational value (or something). Be nice people. Thanks :)

 Soooo I closed my old DA account because it was about a decade old. I hopped on that bandwagon a super long time ago. I sorta used it to show more recent stuff but it was so overloaded with old watches and groups that I couldn't handle the thousands of messages every time I logged in. So today I made a new one called PaulinaChinea (cuz I'm so damn creative) and someone's already accusing me of having stolen my own work.

Now these messages are on a public DA profile therefore I can reuse them on my blog. Don't get your panties in a bunch. So at first I was mad. But then I though, ok, let's break it down and see where this even came from.

Accusation: doesn't believe I actually drew everything
  1. images were found on google
  2. at least EIGHT different art styles
Ok well I can easily account for the google search. Hell you can search something I'm indirectly connected to like "Natsucon" and find pictures from this blog because it's setup to be searchable.

So I searched "Natsucon" and if you scroll down just a weenie bit, my grab bags appear. Which are really not related except I think they were in an article about me preparing for Natsucon. That and Facebook is also searchable through Google so anything I've ever uploaded there is also open game.

Part one closed.

Part two. He or she is claiming to see at least EIGHT different art styles among the different things I've uploaded so far. Here's my current gallery.

So if you've been following this blog, you probably recognize every single one of those drawings except maybe the Chii picture. I think that one's only on Facebook because it so damn old.

All right so I have 9 images uploaded. If there are 8 styles, that means that only 2 of them are of the same style.

Ok I'll admit that Harley and Chii stick out like sore thumbs. Chii's "style" wasn't a style at all. I simply used the original CLAMP artist's character features on my own pose and image. It was a Valentine's commission for god's sake. So ok. As for Harley, she's is honestly the only chibi I'm proud of. I suck so bad at chibis, scroll down and look at the Sailor Scout buttons I'm retiring. I have moved on to a more cutesy style like my princesses.

So 8 styles is not something I agree on, unless this person expects an individual's art to be very strict in similarity. Among the others, let's point out a few things (I consider them flaws since I can't diversify my skill):

  1. Look at the clouds in Reaching, Avacyn, and Spartan. I don't know how else to draw clouds so they all look super cartoonish and swirly. I like swirls. Hell all the pictures have swirls. Water bride has the same swirl designs at the hem as the Yin Yang background and on the dress of Deathless.
  2. Look at the face. I hate to say it but the faces in the girls are... too similar. They're all kinda at the same angle and I always draw the proportions the same. I just think it's prettier. But one thing that bugs me is all the girls look like skinny teenagers. Avacyn totally doesn't look like her badass self. >_< Man and now I noticed that none of my originals are smiling... Snappity snaps. 
  3. I can't really think of a third. Perhaps my Yin Yang image has too much detail compared to the others. But that's because I never uploaded my other old stuff from the same time period. Yeah I am not redrawing that stuff. Deathless and Yin Yang are from high school and that was before I got lazy with my details :P
The rest of the DA community has been fantastic but this puts a serious damper on my mood with the site as a whole. If people are just going to openly accuse me of copying my own art, then I'll probably just deactivate my account and never use that site again. I used to get art stolen and now people are claiming I'm doing it.

Oh by the way, I signs all my pieces and some of my sigs are hidden.

I don't know whether I should expect a response or not, since I've actually provided examples of my progress and would like some kind of reaction buuut it's the internet and I don't expect any courtesy so I guess this is one bump I'll have to get over.

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