Sunday, April 14, 2013

ASTL Wrap-Up

Another unforgettable year for ASTL. I'm home, sort of unpacked, and ready for some seriously needed down time from conventions.

I was really excited this year to once again break last year's record. We blew past our lofty and somewhat snickered-at goal and it's all thanks to the lovely folks this weekend. I was super excited because this was the first show to actually debut my print work as a true addition to my table. The bookmarks and prints sold were AWESOME. I was especially surprised at how well my original art sold. At an anime con, I really didn't expect to sell any but it was a pretty good 50/50 for fanart and original.

I'll have the review written up here pretty soon and new items uploaded onto Etsy. :) Prints will also be available online now and a reminder that commissions are finally OPEN!

As of right now I have no more confirmed conventions for the rest of the year. Waiting to hear back from Natsucon (July), Aoi Uma Con (Sept), and Anime Crossroads (Dec). That's gonna be it for 2013 so make sure you come check us out at a show! By July, I'll have a ton of new jewelry and prints, mostly requested items from this past weekend.

Drawings to be completed:
Rest of FFX crew (Auron, Tidus, Kimahri)
Rest of the Princesses (Merida, Snow White, Aurora, Anastasia)
Persona 4 large print
Clone Wars large print
4 original large prints

New notebooks and bookmarks will be made since I only had a handful of options this time. I will also be retiring many of my buttons. I have over 100 designs and I need to cut down. All retired designs will be clearanced at my next convention to make room for new ones. Button lovers unite!

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