Monday, February 11, 2013

Post Kawa

I got home from this weekend and crashed so hard. Nothing like doing a convention alone. I had a great time meeting new artists and seeing old friends so the weekend wasn't all bad. A few quick updates:

The new displays and setup worked great. Way more space at my table now. :D

I haven't quite worked out how I'm going to cram any more bookmarks and such onto that display but for now it's good enough.

My 2 favorite cosplays all weekend:

I loooove Rapunzel! I was so excited to see how much detail was put into that wig! And Pascal on the pan was so adorable. And the Assassin's Creed was just badass. Nothing else to it.

And finally my artist alley booty for the weekend. This has to be my favorite part cuz I'm a total trade-a-holic. Any artists and dealers are welcome to trade with me all the time and I try to make that obvious without being pushy about it. This weekend I met a bunch of fantastic new people and studios whom I hope to see again in the future.

Got stuff from Gaslight, Rainbow Riceballs, Clawshawt Crafts, and Kate Sherron. Unfortunately I did not manage to get out from behind my table enough to work out more trades but there were tons of amazing things I wish I could've gotten my hands on.

I also got this original hand drawn trading card featuring Warm Bodies (aaaaahhhhh! >_<) from Kate Sherron. Quite possibly one of the strongest wants I've had in a long time. So cute!

Also as usual I got a few prints from my lovely friends at Musetap but their portfolio is so large it would be insulting for me to just show 2. But then again, I advertise for them enough they should start paying me. Haha.

Sadly Kawa this year was worse than last and I definitely didn't come close to my goal, but I'll write about that in this year's Review for Artists. Here is last year's Review for KawaKon. This year there were some changes but everything will be covered in due time.

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