Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Product List

Finally starting to wrap up my first wave of product prep for KawaKon. Good thing too since it's this weekend.

So here's what's up!

Paper Dolls

Those paper dolls will be at the show. I only have 2 dozen and some have already been requested. I didn't quite think ahead and each doll is different so they'll be practically impossible to list online until I standardize them. But variety is what I love about these dolls so maybe it'll be a listing for a random paper doll instead. Show price will be $4 each.


Bookmarks will also be new on the menu.Currently I have 27 different designs but there are already a bunch on back order for EvilleCon and ASTL. They measure 2"x6" and have the option of coming with a clear plastic sleeve. Show price will be $2 or 3 for $5. My personal favorites are the Maneki Neko (top left), Harley Quinn, and Princess Tiana.

Art Notebooks

And finally the most fun to make: notebooks!

Currently I only have 7 designs completed. I wasn't sure whether or not to pursue this avenue so I didn't want to do all the princesses or more abstract designs. The paper's cheap but those binding wires are not. These notebooks measure 5"x3.5". This is not a standard size at all but 4x6 seemed way too big for me and the mini size you can find at Walmart is too small. This size is more for random scribblings and sketches, not so much school. Each book has 40 pages. Show price is still undecided although I'm leaning towards $5 each since they are hand assembled.

The covers are printed front and back on 12pt card stock. The inside of the cover always has less detail and my name and studio name printed at the bottom. The image above shows the front of the notebook (closed) on the left/bottom and the inside cover (open) on the right/top. It's kinda hard to see the open book since the pages are white on a white table.

The back are chipboard and the pages are blank. I chose a chipboard back because... well, my printer accidentally printed the covers double sided instead of printing my front and back so chipboard seemed like a good inexpensive alternative to using 2 double sided prints. It also provides a little more stability to the notebook itself. Pages are blank because I can't really imagine how many notes you can really take on a 5"x3.5" therefore lines are unnecessary.

TCG Mini Notebooks

The next and last set of new items for tonight are my tcg notebooks. These are made using old (well, mostly new/mint) trading cards. I only have photos of Magic The Gathering cards right now (by the way, who likes Gatecrash? ORZHOV OPPRESSION) but I plan on also having a large variety of Pokemon cards this weekend and hopefully some YuGiOh and Sailor Moon tcg stuff by Evillecon.

These babies feature a [MTG] card on the front and back, appropriately matched. Green creatures will be backed by a Forest land or something related. The front will show the card face and the backs will show the back of the cards. These measure about 2.35"x3.35" and contain 30 blank white pages. Show price is still tentative but I'm thinking $3. Again, hand assembled.

That's it for now. This, on top of jewelry and buttons will be available this weekend at KawaKon in St. Louis! Come visit us for sure just to say hi. Wooh! Still got tons to do before the show.


  1. Using TCGs to make notebooks is a pretty cool concept! I'd use the MTG ones to track games I play with (among other things). Might I suggest using Android: Netrunner cards for notebooks? I know I'd like a few of those. I'll take a Shiro and Data Raven, tyvm!

    1. That's actually exactly what I tell people to use the MTG ones for! I use to take them to the at-convention tourneys :D I'm such a cool kid. Android Netrunner huh, I'll look into them!