Thursday, February 21, 2013

Drawings, Lots of Em

Had a couple updates to post. Redrew two more pictures from the olden days.

This one I've actually redrawn 3 times. The first one was horrid and I refuse to share it. It looked like the back of a mutant child reaching through an open window trying to reach stars that were clearly too far away. Clever right? Well my mom's friend requested that picture be made into a print or card or something as a gift for a niece (I think) so I redrew it and BAM, you got that picture on the left.

Well I didn't actually like this one in particular. Not my usual. But my now-husband liked it so much he kept on on his bulletin board in his room for years so I thought I'd redraw it again as a favor. Third time's a charm because the newest one that I did is by far the favorite right now. You can't see it because of the resolution, but her face is gorgeous. That and her outfit seems more sensible. Much better.

This one was my current "favorite" of all the old drawings. I always liked how the concept turned out, but not the designs in the background. They were too overpowering and a little too geometric. I like soft curves more but at the time I worked with pens and it was just easier to do tiny busy details. This time around I was able to use photoshop to darken the entire background so the white spirit/mermaid could stand out more. Not too proud of the faces but it's the concept I love.

They're pretty low res, sorreh. I don't plan on uploading the high res files anywhere just yet because of theft. These are two of my pictures from... high school? Goodness I'm old. But clearly my skill has developed in the last half a decade so that's good news.

I do prefer black and white work because color is just not my thing. Whenever I do color drawings, I tend to get really really really lazy for some odd reason. Coloring is exhausting. All those tiny little details in black and white, not so much. Ha.

Here's an example of my laziness:

Not even a background. And I probably won't add one anytime soon. I didn't really like the way it turned out either. I was going to dump in more details to the armor and the wings were going to get more fuzz but that totally didn't happen. Coloring pictures really sucks the motivation out of me. So sad. I'm great with crayons though :D

Current WIP. Avacyn from MTG.

Fortunately Avacyn is already mostly black and white so aside from skin and background, there's no coloring necessary. Her armor is crazy intricate and I cannot wait to get started on it. The Moonsilver Spear is also a detailed piece of equipment. That one I'm less crazy about because there are no good reference pictures so I'll be making it up as I go.

My current plan is to have a few of the larger prints to sell as 9x12 prints and ACEOs by Anime St. Louis. I'd love to get them done and printed and I'm currently on schedule to have everything ready. That and new bookmarks/notebooks. :)

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