Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Avacyn: Progress and Completion

Finally finished my Avacyn piece from start to end. Took much longer than anticipated; maybe 35 hours or so. That was largely due to the fact that I couldn't decide what to do for the background. I mean it's angels, and angels belong in the clouds. But I already have another picture featuring clouds in the background. That and I wanted to do a purple sky, which is also already taken. And this is a second angel piece... I have a tendency to lean towards the same themes :/

So progress and completion:

Original sketch. 
I wanted this cool back view so the wings could be more prominent going off the edge. That left hand was really jacked up though. It made sense in my head but no one really holds anything like that. Either way, I wanted the spear to be in the picture so she had to hold it somehow.

Flat coloring.
Might be the easiest part. The only shaded area is her skin. Also I went ahead and put in the designs on the spear. Frankly I like flat images. I thought this looked really cool itself but clearly it's lacking a few important elements. Like her wings.

Detail & Background.
Every artist I've talked to tells me to start with the background first. That way you know how you need to draw the lighting and surrounding whitespace and blurgity blurga. Right so the background for me is always an afterthought. Meh. I wanted some contrasting color that I hadn't already used that was soothing to look at but not too dark or light so that she or the spear disappear.

Notice those little black angels in the back? Well halfway through I decided to fill up some of that empty sky with more angels. After all, she is using the Moonsilver Spear. I'm so clever :) But those three were just doodles of what I might want them to look like. Also I drew in a quick outline for Avacyn's wings. They were too small so I made them bigger later.

Finished (maybe)
Not entirely convinced I'm done with this one yet. I feel the sky needs a little tweaking, or maybe the whole background itself. But for now she's done. I think I'm getting tired of drawing angels.

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