Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year... Late

And again I'm super late on posting anything. I have been working overtime since Christmas and haven't been able to keep up with anything aside from orders and work. My job should be done soon, within the next week or so, and I'll be back to updates and posts. For example, I have a review of the We R Memory Keepers Cinch and Cinch v2 to upload, as well as some doll updates from Christmas. But let's start with the oldest first!

For Christmas I got my best friend the most hipster thing I could think of: mustaches. I themed her Christmas gifts after the Like A Sir meme because she is oh so fancy herself.

Yup, drew the card and everything. It's the Christmas Like A Sir Do It Yourself Kit. Complete with plush wearable mustache, mustache ring, monocle, and champagne hand soap. :D I felt bad because money was so tight this year so I figured I would at least make it fun. Goodness the excitement at the sight of the monocle was fantastic. In exchange I got...

Frankie Stein! Totally didn't see it coming. I've been wanting a Monster High doll for a long long long time but never dropped the money to pick up any of them. I already have Thalia there on the left and more mini Lalaloopsies than I care to let on but OH MY GOD I was so excited to finally have Frankie. I love her and fortunately for me, I don't care for any other MH dolls other than Lagoona Blue so my wallet is relatively safe for now. ^_^


What? You want something art related? Fine fine. Here's an update on the progress of my Deathless drawing. I uploaded the phase one sketch in a previous post but man I have put in some hours...

It's not done yet, but I'm getting closer. I'd like to put more depth into the background and finish up some of the electronic components but yay progress!

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