Friday, December 21, 2012

Winding Down the Season

The Christmas season is pretty much slowing here for gifts. I'm looking forward to some breathing time. I'm very happy with how this year's holiday season is going so far. My sales have been doubled since last year, which is just fantastic! I was also really happy that the variety of things I've been able to sell has increased enough that my "sold orders" page no longer looks like this:
I pretty much sold only a handful of different things despite all the items in the shop. Sorta disappointing as an artist but I guess it's good on the business end still... but I'd rather be an artist >_< This year my "sold orders" page looks more like this!
I can't wait until Christmas Eve when I finally get off work and have Christmas to spend with everyone. Heck I already had an early Christmas with my bestie. Will upload the fruits of that exploit soon.

Currently still wrapping up tons of orders and preparing for my first 2013 show: KawaKon! I'm going to have jewelry as well as all the new stationary ready to roll. Currently my wonderful hubs has my flash drive with all my bookmarks to be printed and I'm going to start on some notepapers and new drawings for buttons.

Also been slowly working on a redraw of one of my old, old, super old pictures from high school.

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