Monday, December 10, 2012

Sample Bookmarks

So I've been crazy busy between work and life that orders are actually taking me a full week to get out. (And I apologize for that). It's gotten so busy that I've started batch shipping orders out instead of doing it as I get them. That way I sit down about 2x each week and bust out a single batch of orders. Saves me time and a lot of unnecessary work. Even now the orders pile up as soon as I finish them and I am so excited that it's such a busy year!

Well on the bright side, I do manage to treat myself to a few days off here and there. With my precious down time I've been doing a little drawing and SHABAM! those print items I've been promising for weeks (months?) are finally coming to fruition.

There's a print shop right down the street that does any size and any kind of prints. They're also extremely nice and have the cutest dog that greets you at the door. So I went in with my bookmarks and had one of each printed as samples.

But wait! 

Here's my thing, I don't know which Harley Quinn and which Apple Girl to use. The bigger or smaller characters? I haven't decided yet but everyone (except moi) seems to like the smaller character. Hmm.

These bookmarks are 2x6 so they're not too big. They're also printed on 12pt glossy paper so no need for laminating or any other protection. In future free time, I'm going to start getting my favorite ones printed up for sale on both Etsy and at conventions. I also have my notepad designs ready, and will be moving into other stationary items like envelopes and letter sets.

Hopefully this will do well and maybe one day I can replace my jewelry with this because I am getting too worn out making jewelry and selling it for... less than what I could and should be. Or maybe prices may see a hike since I never upped them much after the new fees for Etsy were setup.


  1. I like the 2nd and 4th ones in the picture.

    1. Hmm that's a good point. Don't know why I didn't think to do one big and one smaller. Thanks!

  2. these are super cute! visiting you from the etsy bloggers and readers team :) lovely blog!

    happy holidays!