Friday, November 2, 2012

Tis Almost The Season

Finally got around to updating info and policies for the holiday season! Ok so business first: new policies.
*Domestic orders
USPS First Class (2-5 days). Last day to place an order for Christmas delivery is Dec. 10.

*International orders
USPS Int'l First Class. Last day to place an order for Christmas delivery is Nov. 20.

Faster shipping options will be honored for both domestic and international, please contact me for a revised listing reflecting the cost. Please keep in mind that the postal service gets really busy about 2 weeks before Christmas so plan and shop accordingly!

I set these dates to allow time for Christmas delivery and in case something does go missing or is broken, I can ship out a replacement in time for the holiday (most of the time). However, I cannot give a full guarantee that every item will arrive before the holidays and I will not offer refunds because something arrived a day or two late unless you are shipping it back as per regular policy. All other policies will be honored as usual.
 Ok so new things! I uploaded 8 new items today for my first wave into the holiday season and I figured it wouldn't hurt to share.

So some of these are not so new, such as the butcher knives and koi fish, but this is the first time I've put them up online. The grenade and rifle earrings are limited (1x rifle, 2x grenades) but all the others are in stock/made to order.

Also some other changes that have been put in place are the methods to purchase buttons. I used to have listings set so you would purchase "packs" because it was unfeasible for me to list dozens of individual buttons, especially since they don't sell for much anyway.  Too much time for not enough return. However buttons can now be selected individually.

Now you can select one or just the few that you like :)

More new things will be uploaded over the next couple of days and I'm hoping for a good holiday season. Currently I'm working on hand drawn cards and those should be up in about two or three days. First I need to wrap up this weeks orders! Busy busy (but I hope it gets busier!)