Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Design & Business Cards

So I've been desperately been needing new business cards but couldn't design one that I liked enough to fork the money out for. I only have a dozen or so of the old cards left (totally waited until the last minute), not to mention that they have my personal phone number and my old last name on them. I used to put my number on them since most of my sales were local but ever since Etsy took off, I really don't like giving out my number to strangers all over the world.

Moving on, in a strike of genius I scribbled out a little character and fell in love. New business cards are on the way and this is what they look like:

I ordered them from and this is my first time with them. I'd say I'm pretty happy so far. I got a free sample kit from them so I can actually feel and see all the different shapes, papers, and items they print before ordering. Also, they only charged $8.50 + shipping for 500 cards. That's less than half of what Vistaprint, 123Print, and any others I found were asking. Crazy.

GotPrint also has a great turnaround time (although that will be determined for sure after I receive my cards). I used to buy my cards through Vistaprint and OvernightPrints but both their production and shipping times were ridiculous. I waited almost 3 weeks for OvernightPrints for 50 business cards the first time I ordered from them. Vistaprint is just overpriced unless you don't mind them branding their name on all the "free" stuff. That drives me nuts.

After I get my cards, I'll write an official review of GotPrints services for those of you who are interested.

So I've officially adopted this little cutie as my most current design logo. I've already put her up on FaceBook, Etsy, and my own desktop! Of course this means another free wallpaper! The color is in RGB for the wallpaper but CMYK for the business cards so those will come out a little duller but that's ok.

Hope you all enjoy these small updates. I'm so excited about this character, still unnamed, that I've obsessively put her up every where. ^_^ It's nice to finally have an updated, coherent theme for all my things.


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