Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rock Climbing Gear

So a few weeks ago I started rock climbing at a local gym, Upper Limits, and it is FANTASTIC! I haven't had this much fun with a sport since high school and goodness knows I needed it. My four years at college were pretty dark years for staying in any sort of shape. So over the course of having gone climbing 3-4 times a week for several weeks, I began to accumulate my own gear (on sale!), mostly from the Alpine Shop. They are the most chill and helpful people in retail, seriously.

So while I'm picking out my gear I'm thinking Gosh this stuff needs to be colorful! Ever since I grew out of my "black" phase, I have moved to the extreme end of the spectrum--bright and obnoxious. So I picked a turquoise Black Diamond harness, violet climbing shoes (Mythos are sooooo comfy compared to all the others), lime green ATC, blue caribeaners and an orange chalk bag... with fuzzies!

It's a pretty awesome color combination if I do say so myself. Costs a small fortune but with a membership at the gym, lots of free time ahead, and an absolute love for climbing, I say it's ok. Oh wait, what's that super cute face you ask?

This is my chalk bag, lovingly named JuicyFruit. I put his face on last night with a little bit of E6000. Originally he had giant eyes and no fangs but I opted for cute rather than weird. I also have a pair of little horns that I wanted to put on. They're sitting on my desk right now but I just can't seem to decide if I want little pokers or mini ram horns that spiral. Maybe I'll just leave him as is.

So there's my craft tidbit for the post. Of course. Happy climbing!


  1. Dang! I Want One Chalk Bag Like This~~

  2. Oh, my too cute for words! My teens will love these! We've been camping for so long and a new gear here and there never hurts any (LOL!). I love the fun factor of these and thanks for taking the time to take a photo for us to see. We're very picky with choosing the best products so we make it a point to only buy from reputable manufacturers. When you're outdoors, it pays to have quality gears and equipment that you can trust - ones that will not let you down. For more info on the best gear, here's a great site to see:

  3. Last year when i climbing this event i put this kind of shoes. Really strong and stable.

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