Friday, July 20, 2012

Bullet Parts and Jewelry

So when I started making bullet jewelry, I had hoped to appeal to more guys with it. Of course then I covered all my casings in filigree and used crystals as the head. Hmm. So I wanted to make something that would perhaps appeal more to the gents in the crowd. While we were at Cabela's I picked up a bag of these and a couple reloading tools.

Soooo shiny!

These are lead filled but I sealed them so there's no health problems. Unless you try to eat it or something I guess. You can't prevent stupid. So these are actual FMJ bullet heads from the reloading supplies. They fit nicely into any caliber close to a .223 at least for my purposes. Don't do this if you're actually reloading bullets. I used them to make more realistic but safe bullet jewelry.

 The below is a .223. Perfect fit!

They fit into both the .223 as pendants and the 5.7s as earrings. I think they're pretty cute for bullets. :D The pendants are pretty BA and I'm hoping to catch a few more guys next month at Natsucon! They look pretty genuine (an did I mention shiny?)

Not so big but still plenty of weight!

These jewelry pieces will be great for those who don't want the fru fru with the crystals and filigree.

See you all at Natsucon!

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