Monday, June 4, 2012

Share Time: Shimrita

So I'm a sucker for oversized, undersized, and unnecessary cute things that look edible. Naturally these cupcakes from Shimrita's Etsy store are on my list. I first discovered these fun decorations while browsing for cute trinket boxes and found this:
Her store has many other trinket boxes similar to this one (but this one's my favorite.) I've been dropping hints about this one to a certain someone here and there. ;D

Shimrita's Etsy store has everything from trinket boxes, accessories and jewelry, doorknobs, and flat out fake cupcakes to fill your pretty shelves with.
 Doorknobs for cabinets. These are so cute but I couldn't bear to use them. I'd be devastated if one broke!

Want to see more? Visit Shimrita's Etsy shop
All photographs were taken from her store. :)

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