Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AngelFantasy Alice

Thalia is my first bjd. She arrived several months ago but I never got around to photographs. She is an AngelFantasy Alice 43cm girl. I bought her from Mint on Card. I really like AngelFantasy. There's not much out there about this particular company but I find their molds to be very pretty. The body is well strung right out of the box, although sueding still a necessary thing for good poseability.

So first, Mint on Card. I got her within a week of ordering (she was in stock). I bought her with a long pink wig and she came with glass eyes. The eyes are a glittery dark green iris with blue pupils but they're way too dark for my taste. I plan on getting her light pink eyes soon.

Here are some prelim photos. I'm working on her "look" which is going to be pink and white. She's going to be a little angel, in contrast to what I have planned for my DOT Shall that I plan on getting as well. Shall is a little further away in the future but I figured she'd also be my last. I don't have any desire to let my bjd love to explode into a giant obsessive problem. Especially not with a military lifestyle.

Her faceup is the artist standard but I loved it. It's a very light dash of color to her eyes and lips and mimimal blushing. Much nicer than those crazy overdone hollywood makeup types.
Her wig needs a trimming at the bangs. Also this dress doesn't actually fit her. I didn't think to check the size but Thalia is closer to the sizes of slim MSD than Volks or DIM. She is much more... curvacious. So the dress doesn't actually zip up all the way thanks to her bust. Currently I have a navy outfit in commission. Can't wait until it's done. Then I'll have some real photos up. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Share Time: Shimrita

So I'm a sucker for oversized, undersized, and unnecessary cute things that look edible. Naturally these cupcakes from Shimrita's Etsy store are on my list. I first discovered these fun decorations while browsing for cute trinket boxes and found this:
Her store has many other trinket boxes similar to this one (but this one's my favorite.) I've been dropping hints about this one to a certain someone here and there. ;D

Shimrita's Etsy store has everything from trinket boxes, accessories and jewelry, doorknobs, and flat out fake cupcakes to fill your pretty shelves with.
 Doorknobs for cabinets. These are so cute but I couldn't bear to use them. I'd be devastated if one broke!

Want to see more? Visit Shimrita's Etsy shop
All photographs were taken from her store. :)