Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Button Punch and Supplies

So after two ridiculously successful shows for buttons I caved in and forked out $140 for the Tecre graphic punch. Quite frankly I knew that I desperately needed one. I can only cut so many circles before my hands give out. I sold close to 350 buttons per show alongside all my jewelry so that's a lot of cutting. And my scissors are terrible. So here it is:

I was stuck between ordering 1000 or 2000 parts because I figured 1000 would only last for a couple of shows. Then again, I really didn't want several thousand button parts just cluttering up my limited and very valuable space. So 1000 it is. Order from Button Safari, my favorite parts suppliers.

My test run with a page I ripped out of one of my Batman comics. 

Granted this photo is atrocious thanks to the lighting but I gotta say the punch is easier, faster, and the circles come out more... circular. Love it. Anyway, I can finally start making buttons at the volume I wish I was able to before. I think I normally bring about 400 buttons to a show but now I should be able to bring almost the full thousand to Natsucon. Yay!

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