Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, ASTL was a great weekend. We broke our own record for best show yet. We met tons of new people and saw a bunch of... old people ^_^. Just kidding. We appreciate all of you. Anyway, I will have a convention review for artists up in a few days.

We did surprisingly well with both buttons and bullet jewelry. Not that they were our biggest sellers since I'm technically a polymer clay artist, but they did a lot better than I was hoping. I expect to have a lot more in the near future! Make sure you checkout Etsy for new items out of a convention.

I came home to a heck of a lot of homework, including my Criminal Law term paper that I've put off for weeks. Yay for procrastination!

Also, our schedule this year is looking shorter. We will not be attending ACEN next weekend. Instead, I'm going rappelling with my fiance on Saturday. We also haven't heard back from Natsucon yet. I might attempt to do a few shows in TN, KY but it's not looking like it currently. I'll update the schedule as it changes to check back.

Alright so aside from restocking in some supplies (everything) I need to get on that paper.

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