Monday, April 9, 2012

Share Time: TinyDreamerz

For those of you with pets, you know what it's like to want to buy them EVERYTHING. My ferrets are so spoiled that more of my paycheck goes to their toys and beds than my toys and beds. (See what I did there?) So a few months back I ordered a very neat hammock from an Etsy creator. She even upped the size for me since most of her things are for rats and smaller critters.

I decided to ask her to make me a new FN142 cage set. I only have one, and it was one I sewed myself. Not terrible but it needs replacing. Most places want over $100 to make the cage set and another $20 to ship it to you. WHAT?

TinyDreamerz offered to make the set for $60 and free shipping. She even threw in another hammock that I was eyeballing. Want to know the best part? It arrived in a week. Oh yes, one week. I loved it at first sight. The ferrets loved it at first sniff :D I wasted no time replacing all the old mats and stuff with the new and SHABAM! (Also, the yellow hammock on the bottom was made by her.)

I had to move the toys and other hammocks out to take the picture but it's pretty crowded once I put it all back together. Granted it's pink, which I don't really care for but I think I may order a few more sets from her once my wallet stops hemorrhaging.

Anyway, if you're a critter keeper, please check out her store HERE.

Her prices are great and she doesn't cut corners.

Want to see more great stuff for your fuzzy ones? Check out my treasury: The Comfy Cage. I'll try to keep it updated with new items as others sell.

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