Friday, April 20, 2012

First Day at Anime St. Louis

Granted I'll write a more in depth review about the convention overall but I wanted to say that today was FANTASTIC. There are so many artists and vendors that it's almost crazy. Conveniently, no one else does jewelry like me so there's not much competition.

My bff was able to come up today and spend a majority of the day with us. She and I searched for a cute guy cosplaying as Ezio (and failed) but managed to find a super cool Batman!

Also today, I completely sold out of over half my button designs. I mean I have over 50 designs and POOF! Gone within hours. It was great but at the same time I'm sitting there trying to remember whether or not I even have the image files to print any more. Not only that, but where am I going to print them? I'm not much of a fan of inkjet printers for my button images. They come out duller than laser printers. Unfortunately, no place is open until 9 on Saturday and I need to be on the highway by then!

Anyways, I have plenty to do before waking up tomorrow so... off to work!

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