Thursday, March 1, 2012

Share Time: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is probably one of the few cartoon characters that I have carried over from childhood into my adult life. *Adult being subjective. I loved the show as a kid and quite frankly, the uncensored mangas are even better. Today I'd like to share a collection of my favorite Sailor Scout tributes on Etsy.

First we have these fantastic props made by MoonPrism

 Next is the seller WhereDreamsComeTrue. There are all sorts of goodies worth checking out in this store.
Art cards by Miss Coconut. I love her style and the photographs are great. Really cutifies the scouts. Any collectors? I'd love to get a handful of these [wink wink].

There's so much more to share!

One of my favorite painters on Etsy. She does amazing work.
 Want more? Check out my treasury with all of them in it!

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