Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pre-Release Lalaloopsy

I found these new Mini Lalaloopsy dolls at KMart yesterday. Never seen them before. So I picked them up and headed to the register. They rang up as NOF. I figured someone forgot to scan them out of the back bay when putting them on the floor. Happens once in a while with new products. However, it dawned on me that they weren't supposed to be released yet... and I was right. But KMart sold them to me anyway.

So these girls are part of the line "Shoppe Girls" to be released this April. Oops! There are a few others that I didn't pick up since I don't obsessively collect. I only collect the ones I love. Now my collection has grown to 7 girls and a few sets of setting including the ferris wheel.

 Scoops Waffle Cone
Neapolitan ice cream design.
Jelly Wiggly Jiggle
Green jello. She comes with a little turtle. ^_^
Bun Bun Sticky Icing
Cinnamon rolls and a cutie snail.

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