Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mock Table Setup

I started a mock setup for my table since I have new displays to coordinate. Here's my skeletal setup with a few things.
The displays are too cramped. The left peg board and white spinner are for the paracord items my fiance will have. Polymer clay jewelry will be sorted onto the 2 black racks in the center of the table. Bullet, key, and clockwork jewelry will be on the right pegboard. I'm also going to spray paint the pegboards black. Buttons and plushies will go in the front to take up the flat table space. 

I think we're going to take out the left pegboard and paracord will just have to adjust. There's still not enough room... Well I'm going to keep working on it. I'll take another picture at Kawa and compare those to some older setups I have.

Current Product Line
  • Polymer clay earrings $7
  • Polymer clay pendants $5
  • Buttons $1
  • Plushies $3
  • Cap pendants $8 (?)
  • Bullet pendants $10-15
  • Bullet earrings $12-20
  • Key pendants $10-15
  • Watch movement pendant $15-20

Everything below cap pendants on the list doesn't have a firm price yet because I'm adjusting my Etsy prices for the convention. That and I'm actually individually pricing the metal items since the supplies and parts are so expensive. Don't know how the more expensive items will go, but they're androgynous so I'm hoping to attract some guys for the pendants too.

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