Tuesday, March 13, 2012

KawaKon Table Location

I only get to check my email so many times this week so guess how excited I was to finally get updates for Kawa. You know, it's just a few days away. They also sent a fantastic little map that I wish I could share with you all but it's too big. The setup seems strange to me, almost like they set up the vendors first then fit the artists where they could. Last year at Kawa I remember there were artist tables literally dwarfed by giant vendor's stands. I hope that's not a problem this year, although I do see a few stranded artists. :\

Here's where we will be:
Look who's across the aisle! I get a whole nother week to bug em. :) Obviously this is a very small portion of the room. There are a load of vendors and artists this year that you can check out on Kawa's list.

Anyway, I can't complain about location this year. Last year we were put in a cubby that got no traffic and we were constantly blocked from view. A very unpleasant weekend. Hopefully being next to a bunch of vendors won't be terrible. Maybe I'll find something I like! After all, half the fun is shopping.

Speaking of which: here are some of the non clay earrings I'll be giving out as freebies. Remember, they're limited along with my polymer clay and bullet freebies so come visit me early in the weekend!

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