Monday, March 5, 2012

Digital Spring Cleaning

Quick update on my situation: I am working on a gallery from scratch and Dreamweaver is being a pain. It might be a while before I can put up my gallery again. Sad face. I'll still find a way to constantly update.

So last night at about 2am, I was cleaning out one of my flash drives. I have to do this routinely or else homework from years ago will accumulate. Well I'm deleting all these files when I find this: 
This is a commission I asked of my buddy Wil Woods as a gift for my fiance's birthday. I had this fantastic drawing I wanted colored and he was the first to come to mind. Of course, it also gave me fuzzy wuzzies because he hates is not a fan of clone troopers. [Say what?] In case you don't recognize the markings on their helmets, this is Captain Rex kneeling at the memorial of ARC Trooper Echo. I was very unhappy when he died.

Star Wars Clone Wars has easily jumped to the top of my favorite shows, with Rex sitting atop the pyramid. Currently I'm on the hunt of a Rex action figure keychain. I have Cody currently, but it's high time I found me a Rex.

Wil and Tyrine do a lot more Star Wars and pop culture art under the studio name MUSETAP. They also attend a lot of niche conventions in the Midwest. I can't wait to see these two this convention season. Some of my favorites by these two:

Want to see more? [Yes you do.] Check out their DeviantArts to have your mind blown.

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