Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disney Princess Development

Last year I enrolled in a fashion psychology class so I had enough credits to keep my scholarship. We had fantastic discussions about everything from gender views of clothing, the development of trends, and social problems. There were a few hyper-feminists in the class that I loved aggravating.

So gender roles is the topic of discussion and behold, Disney Princesses pops up. Know I grew up as a Princess at heart. So Leah starts ranting about the expected behavior of little girls based on the submissive personality presented in Disney culture: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty.

 Oh my, I missed a spot! Better start all over. Gosh I love domestication!

While everyone in the class is nodding in unison, I noticed she was bringing up the Disney Princesses of the olden days. Snow White and Cinderella were the "original princesses", created in a time when women did stay at home, cook, submit. However, the Princesses have come a long way and I think Disney has done well to reflect realistic attitudes over time.

After our lovely dainty Princesses came the rebellious ones that fought back. None of these girls were the take-charge, run the show kind of princesses but they challenged authority in the 80s and 90s. Ariel rebelled against her father, Belle challenged society's views of how women should be, Mulan was a man for half her movie. These princesses reflected what the population wanted to see in females. Not a dominant lead, but at least not a slavish drone.

 Take my hand! We can be equals if you aren't a total jerk!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KawaKon Apocalypse Badges

This year KawaKon's theme is the A-Pocky-lypse. Must admit, it's a cute play on words but it seems like every themed event in 2012 is based on the end of the world. [Speaking of which, are you prepared? More on that later.] Well in the true spirit of conformity, I'm making zombie survivor personality badges for the upcoming convention. We're tentatively planning about 20 different badges. These will be sold in conjunction with the survival gear we are going to have (true survival gear, not that fake hyped market junk).

So I ask myself, what limited number of stereotypes would everyone most likely revert back to? You'd be surprised how often this is actually a legitimate conversation with us. 

Here's a quick peak at a few of my favorites. They only have descriptions and "assigned" weapons so far but the drawings will be coming in during my free time. Enjoy for now: 

The Scavenger (Flashlight)
This post apocalyptic world is your own personal wonderland. All the great things you never had ripe for picking. See those J. Lo shades in that car? Yours. Candy bars at the grocery store? Pocket. That’s right, you know how to find the good stuff. You contribute to the group by bringing home the loot. 

The Hot Chick (Curling iron)
Maybe you’re not a great shot, nor a fantastic strategist, cook, runner, or any essential member. But you’re hot. Really hot. And in times like these, you’re pretty much a remnant of a dead civilization meant to be guarded and treasured.
The Preacher (Bible)
Clearly some greater power is punishing the human race with this apocalyptic plague. What else can force men to devour the flesh of their brothers? But you know there is a cure: Prayer and Faith. Now go shove it down someone’s throat.

The Scout (Crowbar)
You’re who they call to run errands, check out potential safe areas, search new territory. Maybe they take you for granted, but you know your job is essential. Without you there is no flow of information, no peace of mind for the group.

Monday, February 27, 2012

First Post

After some frustration with my previous web host, I finally caved in and here I am, with a blog. I'm not sure how well this will work but it's worth a shot. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll be able to start uploading galleries, funnies and tutorials for all the things I do.

Oh right, who am I? My name is Paulina. I work as a jewelry and craft artist for fun in between college classes. I also love to attend gun shows. Hmm. Well currently I live on caffeine, Etsy, and Netflix.

Current convention lineup:
March 16-18
St. Louis, MO

Anime St. Louis
April 20-22
Collinsville, IL


Well, more later. I'm not much of a talker.